ITAR Statement

The Buyer hereby acknowledges receipt of notice that some or all of the items and/or technical data provided or exchanged pursuant to your Order falls under the export control of International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) regulations, 22 CFR sections 120 – 130, or the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), 15 CFR sections 768 – 799. The Buyer acknowledges that these statutes and regulations impose restrictions on the import, export, and/or transfer to foreign persons or entities of certain categories of items or technical data and that licenses from the U.S. Department of State and/or the U.S. Department of Commerce may be required before such items or technical data can be provided to non-U. S. Persons. Accordingly, the Buyer shall not disclose, provide or export such items and/or information to any foreign person or entity, whether within the U.S. or abroad, without obtaining appropriate export authorization in advance. The Buyer understands and acknowledges its awareness that intentional violation of such export requirements may constitute a crime.

More information on ITAR can be found here.

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