MX11769 Type Image Intensifier Tube – Part Number ZG0973B



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These MX11769 Type (Gen 2+ Green Phosphor) image intensifiers were manufactured by Photonis. Each intensifier features a high-efficiency multi-alkali photocathode bonded to a glass input window, a microchannel plate current amplifier and a P-43 phosphor screen on an inverting fiber optic output window. This tube is found in most night vision goggles and monocular systems including: PVS-14, NVD-BNVD series, and several weapon sights.

FOM values are listed above with each tube serial number. FOM is a number calculated by multiplying the Signal-to-noise ratio by the resolution of a night vision image intensifier.

Tubes are In-Stock and can ship within a week. Contact us if interested in purchasing a matched pair for binoculars.

Part No: ZG0973B
Manufacturer: Photonis
Warranty: One Year
Data Sheet: Included
Green Phosphor
Gain Control

Please note: NVD recommends that you contact a legitimate night vision systems manufacturer to incorporate image tubes into a night vision monocular, weaponsight or dual tube goggle. This is due to the fact that we have started to see numerous people who are building systems without the proper equipment and training, resulting in products being supplied to unsuspecting consumers, which have not been properly assembled, these include products with the following issues:


  • Products delivered with improperly set diopter focus settings.
  • Complete lack of system collimation. This is extremely critical in dual tube goggles and binoculars.
  • Without being nitrogen purged.
  • Dual tube goggles with tubes that have mismatched gain settings.

Specifications subject to change without notice. All night vision products and accessories are controlled under export laws with guidance from International Traffic in Arms (ITAR). By purchasing equipment from Night Vision Devices, you understand that these products cannot leave the country without a valid US Dept of State License.

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