UL BNVD-SGC Ultra Light Night Vision Binocular – Single Gain Control

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At 440 grams, the New Ultra-Light Binocular Night Vision Device – Single Gain Control integrates improved lightweight hybrid polymer/glass optics, optimized for both green (P43) and white (P45) phosphor image tubes. The improved optics reduce glare from distant bright light sources as well as increase contrast, significantly improving the viewed image. Overall, this offers higher performance than standard glass optics. Despite its Ultra Light weight, the UL BNVD-SGC has enhanced nearly every feature. This includes an improved Diopter Adjustment, a new rotary control switch, and a wider range Spot/Flood setting, providing the end-user with a more intuitive and dependable system. The UL BNVD-SGC is available with an optional battery pack, which holds 3 “AA” batteries for an additional 85+ hours of run time. The UL BNVD-SGC fully meets the latest release of MIL-STD-810H including 66-foot immersion while remaining lighter and more rugged than ever.

The UL BNVD-SGC features a “Tactical Monocular Cutoff”, which turns off power to each channel of the binocular whenever a channel is rotated up out of the users’ line of sight. This eliminates stray light emitting from the monocular eyepiece, which would reveal the user to anyone else on the battlefield. The UL BNVD-SGC has an automatic system power cutoff whenever the UL BNVD-SGC is flipped up into the helmet mounted stow position, and then powers back on when it is flipped back down. This feature can also be turned off via a four position ON/OFF switch.

The UL BNVD-SGC can be used with optional 3X Afocal Magnifiers. Each 3X Magnifier can be either slide onto each objective lens or screw into the threads on the objective lenses. For extended use, it is recommended to screw them on to prevent the lenses from falling off. These magnifiers transform the UL BNVD-SGC into a fixed 3X Magnification Binocular.

The optional external battery pack will only work with our Night Vision Devices manufactured binoculars with an external power port in order to extend the operating life of the system. If you would like to use this battery pack with this system, you must add the power port now when first assembled. The body cannot be modified afterwards. You may however, add the battery port now and purchase the battery pack at a later time.

The UL BNVD-SGC has been rigorously tested for US Military and DoD EMI compliance by an independent, Gov’t support facility, and qualified for conformance to MIL-STD-461G, RE102, RS101 and RS103. This means that UL BNVD-SGC has an extremely low electronic emission signature, making it nearly impossible to detect its use, even in close quarters. The UL BNVD-SGC was also shown to not be damaged nor suffer performance degradation when exposed to very high electrical field strengths, over a broad frequency range, as measures of electromagnetic susceptibility. These proven factors make the UL BNVD-SGC robust under the harshest of EMI conditions.

With our expansive capabilities and strategic partnerships, we are able to custom build any of our NVD manufactured products with Image Intensifiers from either Elbit Systems of America®, Photonis® or L3Harris®. This includes green and white phosphor and thin or un-filmed image tubes. Night Vision Devices specializes in Gen 3 Night Vision technology and can also provide systems equipped with Gen 2 image intensifiers to meet individual customer requirements. We also offer Cerakote color customization for bulk orders. Like all other NVD products, the UL BNVD-SGC also features our best in the business, 10 year warranty.


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Standard Accessories: Soft Carry Case, AA Batteries (2), Operators Manual, Neckcord, Retaining Lens Covers, Eyecups, Lens Paper, Demist Shields, Light Weight Sacrificial Windows and IR Flood/Spot Lens Assembly, Operator’s Card and Dovetail Mounting Adapter.

Optional Accessories: 3X Afocal Magnifier Lens, Helmet Mount, Shuttered Eyeguards, Camera Adapter Kit, Light Interference Filters (For DOD Only), and Battery pack for 50-60 hours of continual use for extended missions.


10 Years
Gen 3 and Gen 2 options available
Gain Control
IR Illuminator
Adjustable IR Spot/Flood
LED IR Indicator
LED Low Battery Indicator
Tactical Monocular Cutoff
Flip Up, Turn Off Setting
Field of View
One Power (1X)
Diopter Adjustment
-6 to +2 Diopters
Interpupillary Adjustment
51mm to 76mm
Eye Relief
66 feet for 2 hours
Focus Range
9.8" to Infinity
Power Source
1 AA-Size Battery
Operation Time
25+ hours
4.3"L x 4.2"W x 3.3"H
Weight (w/o batteries)
440 g (15.5 oz)*
*Product weights may vary due to manufacturing and configuration processes.

Specifications subject to change without notice. All night vision products and accessories are controlled under export laws with guidance from International Traffic in Arms (ITAR). By purchasing equipment from Night Vision Devices, you understand that these products cannot leave the country without a valid US Dept of State License.

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